Romania Country of Protesters

Added by on September 29, 2010

Government austerity measures in Romania triggered an illegal demonstration in front of the main government building where about 8,000
people representing a wide range of sectors tried to say “No to austerity”.
The main reason was Emil’s Boc (Prime Minister) decision to cut  25-percent to all state employees’ salaries as of July 1. Although CNN reported on
these protests to be legal, it seems that this is not true.
What really happened was a protest of police,gendarmerie and most public sectors against government decisions to get out of financial
Following this protest President Traian Basescu decided to exclude staff who take care of his personal safety.It seems that the head of state would not accept this way of protest, so he refused his protection to be ensured by these protesters.
This demonstration was also planned in some other countries like Spain,Portugal,Poland,Cyprus,Serbia,Lithuania,Latvia,Italy and
Mainly, the demonstrators want the money back and also want the government to raise the minimum wage stipulated in the current
If this will never happen, more strikes will take place throughout the course of those decisions taken as a measure of austerity.
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