Rumors of 2022 World Cup Being Moved Were Quashed

Added by on January 22, 2011

FIFA has denied the rumors that surrounded the 2022 World Cup ever since Michael Platini, the president of UEFA, said the he expects the world tournament to be moved in the winter.

FIFA’s statement made it clear that the association doesn’t intend to make any such move, especially since the Qatari hosts said with their bid that they wanted the cup staged as usual, in the summer time.

However, FIFA said that a possible switch of dates would have to be proposed by Qatar, the game’s host, and not the association itself, and that it would have to be presented to the Executive Committee of FIFA.

“Any potential move of the 2022 FIFA World Cup from a summer to a winter period would have to be initiated by the football association of Qatar and would have to be presented to the FIFA Executive Committee. At this stage there are no concrete plans to change the international match calendar,” said FIFA’s statement.

As mentioned previously, the rumor of a possible change in schedule came from UEFA’s president, Michael Platini, who made a comment on the matter.

The President of Qatar, Mohammed Bin Hammam, confirmed FIFA’s statement, saying that the tournament would be held as planned. “We submitted a bid suggesting we are going to be ready in June and July. And we said we are going to face all the challenges and we are going to meet all the requirements,” said the President for Sky News.

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