Saint Death Cult Leader Arrested By Mexican Police

Added by on December 29, 2010

David Romo, the high priest of a cult named Saint Deathcult, was arrested by Mexican police for kidnapping and also for posing as a member of the Zetas drug cartel.

The Saint is a controversial individual for his portrayal as a grim reaper who is always wearing white satin robes and carrying a scythe. Followers leave him tequila, rum, cigarettes, candy and cash at altars.

The Zetas gang is one of the most violent drug gangs in Mexico. In its battle against rival groups and Mexican police, more than 30,000 people have died up to date. The prosecutor in this case stated that the nine individuals who were captured often used to pass themselves as members of the gang.

David Romo stated that his church abhors violence but does not judge any individual and that its doors are open for all worshipers. The Catholic Church does not officially support the cult, which is said to have originated during the Aztec and Mayan time. However, many devotees consider themselves Catholics, thus the cult has millions of followers.

The arrests are part of the ongoing process of tackling the problem of drugs in Mexico. The army assault has brought the problem under control but the violence scared investors and corporations away.

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