Shalee (Ivana Gomez) in Vegas for Latin Grammys

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE         November 9th 2010

Shalee (Ivana Gomez) in Vegas for Latin Grammys with her
mother, Paloma San Basilio

Shalee (Ivana Gomez San Basilio) is a singer/songwriter, film composer
and actress.

From her recording studio, Shalee Productions in Agoura
HIlls, CA, as founder and president, she has worked with major
international recording artists, composed music for television and
film, and recently released her solo album “Magnetic Electricity”.

Shalee will be in Las Vegas during Latin Grammy, joining her mother,
Paloma San Basilio to celebrate the careers and achievements of
Placido Domingo and Juan Carlos Calderon.

Shalee will be attending ceremonies for both artists in addition to accompanying her mother at
Thursday night’s main ceremony.

She is available for interviews and appearances.

With her incredibly sexy looks, unique style, and fresh perspective,
Shalee is looking to make big moves in the music and film industry in
the upcoming year.

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