South Korea to Hold Nuclear-Related Talks with the North

Added by on January 25, 2011

An official of South Korea stated on Monday that the country intends to put forth a proposition to North Korea about possible talks which would concern the nuclear plans of Pyongyang in exchange for aid.

The same official said that the talks would take place besides those that regard the high-level military. The disarmament for aid has been postponed for two years already, thus, if the meeting were to take place, it would be a true breakthrough.

The intention to propose nuclear-related talks comes after North’s last week acceptation of discussing, in South’s terms, the possibility of defusing the peninsula’s worst crisis after the Korean War in the 50s.

The statement with regard to the proposition was made by Lee Jong-ju, a spokeswoman of the Unification Ministry.

“We need to look more at whether we can make the proposals for those talks at the same time or with a time differential. As soon as discussions conclude, we will be making a proposal to the North on high-level military talks and also official meetings on denuclearization,” said the spokeswoman of the ministry.

According to a Defense Ministry official of the South, details of the high-level military would be discussed around the middle of February and concern issues such as agenda, venue and dates.

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