Trapped Chile Miners to be Rescued Soon

Added by on October 11, 2010

33 Chile miners who’ve been trapped underground for two months will start being evacuated after engineers successfully tested a capsule which will help pull them out safely. The report given on Monday, October 11, 2010 by officials working on the case said that the capsule would help protect the miners in case rocks caved in.

Laurences Golborne who is the mining minister stated that the capsule was lowered all the way down the escape shaft without any problems. The minister further added that once the rescue initiates on Tuesday midnight as intended, it would take them two days to hoist the men out of the caved-in mine.

Alicia Campos, the mother of a trapped miner, said that she was tired of sitting around and waiting for the rescue. She said that it had been too long since she’d seen her son Daniel Herrera and all she could do was wait at “Camp Hope” where she and other relatives to the miners wait for the rescue team.

Four rescuers will be sent into the cave to help the men trapped in the copper and gold mine in Atacama Desert. The capsule which is covered with metal tubes is supposed to help avoid any last minute problems that could occur during the rescue.

The rescuers said that there is a risk of rocks from the wall breaking and blocking the exit. The capsule which is dubbed the “Phoenix” is build to withstand any potential dangers and the rescue is likely to go well.

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