UK Gamblers Target Royal Wedding

Added by on April 29, 2011

British bookmakers are hoping to cash in on bet-happy Britons as they shell out on their favourite royal wedding wagers.

UK Gamblers Target Royal Wedding

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“How long will Kate make William wait at the aisle? What colour will the queen wear to the wedding? Will Harry be sober enough to deliver the best man’s speech?” These are just some of the questions dominating the betting industry.

Rupert Adams, a spokesman for bookmaker William Hill, said “In terms of royal betting, the wedding blows it out the window… I think we will take the same amount as we’ve taken on royal betting in 30 years.”


Although it is difficult to forecast exactly how much money is going to be poured into the bets – since most bets are placed in the 24 hours directly before the event, -British bookmakers say they expect some GBP1 million (AUS$1.54 million) worth of royal wedding-themed wagers.

In comparison to sports betting, this may be considered “small change”, but according to Paddy Power spokesman, Darren Haines, the wedding is a big betting event: “As a non-sports event that will be second to only our Pope-betting in 2005,” (referring to the election following Pope John Paul II’s death in 2005).

Bets are anticipated to slow down after the wedding, however, gamblers are already given the opportunity to bet on the names of the couple’s future children.

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