US and UK Announced Risk of Terrorist Attacks in Europe

Added by on October 4, 2010

The US State Department warned American citizens who plan on traveling to Europe to proceed with caution.

The Department did not mention any specific locations, but as Britain decided to raise on Sunday the threat level of terrorism from general to high for tourists who intend on traveling to France and Germany, two possible targets were indicated.

The risk of attacks within the UK still remains on the level of severe, which means that an attack is highly possible and British authorities stated that they stand by the US’s assessment for the entire continent.

Both the US and UK made these announcements after a few European officials stated that new intelligence has indicated possible attacks on the continent in the future. It’s been said that in the north-west of Pakistan plotting for coordinated attacks in Europe has been undertaken.

The plot seems to involve terrorist organization al Qaeda, together with its allied militants among which citizens and residents of Europe might be part of. EU coordinator for counter-terrorism, Gilles de Kerchove, stated that the plot and the high risks Europe faces are indicating that the EU countries need to do more and stop extremists to go overseas and train.

Official US sources stated that President Barack Obama has held meeting both Friday and Saturday and discussed about the European security threat.

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