US mall shooting may have claimed four people

Added by on December 12, 2012

Emergency vehicles at a shooting in a mall in Portland Oregon. The photo includes a tarp that may be covering the victims.

Portland, Oregon officials report a shooting in Clackamas Town Center.

Officials and witnesses said at least four people were dead following the shooting at Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Witness accounts and more details as of 01:29GMT/UTC

Witnesses said a lone gunman was wearing a mask, camouflage outfit, and was carrying a rifle; people were screaming and fleeing the mall.

Entrances to the mall were blocked off and emergency vehicles were located near the mall’s Macy’s storefront.

Further details were not immediately available.

Clackamas Town Center, opened in 1981, is located at War Veterans Memorial Fwy (205) and SE Sunnyside Rd in Portland, Oregon.