Video caught former Lebanese cabinet minister with explosives

Added by on August 10, 2012

Former Lebanese Information minister Michel Samaha reportedly confessed to transferring explosives from Syria to Lebanon

Former Lebanese cabinet minister Michel Samaha was reportedly caught in a video that shows him removing explosives from his car, said a source – on Friday – close to the matter.

“Samaha revealed the explosives were set to target rallies in North Lebanon,” added the source.

Samaha, in a separate video shot by an undercover Lebanese agent of the Internal Security Forces Information Branch, is hears saying “This is what Bashar wants”, in reference to his confession of a bomb plot.

The video, also reveals Samaha saying Syrian Major General Ali Mamlouk had handed him the explosives along with $170,000 in cash for those that carried out the plot.

Samaha was arrested on Thursday based on instructions from acting General Prosecutor Samir Hammoud for “security reasons” that were later linked to an assassination attempt against al-Mustaqbal bloc’s Akkar MP Khaled al-Daher.