Vote on Tax-Cuts Delayed until after Elections

Added by on September 25, 2010

It has been reported that Jim Manley, the spokesman of the Majority Leader Reid, sent an e-mail in which he stated that the Senate is not voting before election in November to renew tax cuts from Bush’s era. Mr. Manley stated that this is due to internal divisions among Democrats and possible obstacles that could appear for the Republicans.

Spokesman Jim Manley said in his e-mail that the Majority Leader Reid Senate must, and intends to, extend the tax cuts for the middle-class permanently before the law expires, but that at the current time Republicans are not cooperating.

The issue between the opposite parties is of no surprise since President Barack Obama, together with his Democrats, made it clear that he aims to keep the low tax rate, but only for the first 200,000 of an individual’s income and the initial $250,000 of the overall income in every household. President Obama has previously supported this idea by saying that the US can’t afford these low taxes for people that earn more.

On the other hand, the Republicans don’t agree with the president and the Democrats, and want to extend the low tax rates for every American, regardless of income, law which is due to expire at the end of 2010.

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