Affleck Sued with Another Sexual Harassment Case

Added by on June 24, 2010

Magdalena Gorka, a cinematographer, filed a $2.25 million lawsuit against Ben Affleck’s brother (Casey) for sexual harassment in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 30, 2010. This happened during the making of a documentary following Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career.

The documentary was titled “I’m Still Here”. Shortly after the alleged incident, Gorka was forced to leave the project without proper pay and credit.

According to the documents passed by the cinematographer, Affleck ‘crawled’ on her bed inside Phoenix’s apartment in New York where they were doing the shoot. She woke up in the middle of the night seeing Affleck lying beside her.

Without her knowledge or consent, Affleck crawled to the bed only wearing his underwear, caressed Gorka and when she turned, their faces were inches apart and she can smell the scent of alcohol which made her angry.

She commanded Affleck to get out of the room, the next morning she confronted the guy and later left the documentary project. She also stated in the document that she was verbally abused by Affleck after she refused to do what he wanted.

As a result, Gorka was stripped of the Director of Photography credit and was forced to leave without pay. Gorka’s lawyer Brian Procel says, on comment to the lawsuit, “In her 16 years of working in the entertainment industry she has never accused anyone of sexual harassment. Ms. Gorka knows there will be repercussions, and that she will be exposed to attacks mounted by Affleck’s high-paid publicists and ‘bulldog’ attorneys. She ultimately decided that the truth needs to come out. We look forward to our day in court.”