Former AC/DC Bassist Mark Evans Joins Aussie Rockers “Raise The Flag” Onstage

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Saturday night saw Austrailian Rock band “Raise The Flag” joined onstage by former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans.

Former AC/DC Bassist Mark Evans Joins Aussie Rockers "Raise The Flag" Onstage

Cover of The Screaming Jets



The Newman bike show is part of the Australian rock n roll yearly calendar held in the Newman region of Australia.

Each year, people flock from all over the West Australian region to be entertained by motorcycle presentations, burnouts and tattoo shows, as well as being entertained by some of the finest rock bands Australia has to offer.

This time around, it was “Raise The Flag” that pleased the masses combining some of the countrys best rock musicians in a tribute to some of the best Australian music.

The band featured none other than Dave Gleeson from the screaming jets, Paul Woseen, bassist and songwriter for The Screaming Jets, Former bassist from The Angels, James Morley and drummer Paul Wheeler from The Choirboys and Icehouse.

One of the many highlights of the evening included former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans jumping up onstage with the band to perform a rousing rendition of Oz Rock anthems High Voltage and Its a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n roll).

He will also be joinging the band in July for 2 shows in Perth and Queensland to celebrate the birthday of legendary frontman Bon Scott.


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