Heidi Klum goes all out by revealing all

Added by on October 31, 2011

Heidi Klum wears her 'dead body' costume at her annual Halloween party in Los Vegas

Heidi Klum’s 12th annual Halloween Party on Saturday at the Venetian in Los Vegas, California featured celebrities going all out to try to outdo the host, yet Klum was tough to beat after she was wheeled into the party on an autopsy table by two blood-splattered doctors.

Klum, the 38-year-old supermodel, revealed all in her costume of a skinless corpse, inspired by models in the famous Bodies Exhibition.

Klum said that she wanted to a different look for her party. On the red carpet, Klum said, “…I wanted something different. I was thinking how it would look if I had all my skin ripped off, and so…voila!”

The costume, created by artist Martin Izquierdo – known for his elaborate wings at Victoria’s Secret lingerie shows – was started in July. According to Klum, the costume started as a white body suit and was hand-painted by Izquierdo based on anatomical photos.

The costume itself was easy to put on, yet three more hours of work were necessary for Klums makeup, complete with false teeth. “I don’t mind that,” Klum said. “I’ve been body-painted for 12 hours, so three-and-a-half hours is not that bad.”