Lady Gaga shows off; Prince Harry just shows

Added by on August 22, 2012

Lady Gaga appears in a video posted on YouTube on August 22

Lady Gaga appeared in a new video she posted on YouTube today – in the video she dances wearing a long sweater and exposes her breasts as she dances. TMZ reported they acquired nude photos of Prince Harry as he partied in a hotel – the photos have been confirmed to be authentic.

Lada Gaga introduced the video saying, “Hey monsters I was going through some old videos from last year – sort of like September to December last year. I found lots of cool, sweet videos that I thought you guys would like…”

Later Lady Gaga introduces the segment where she dances – “…and this is me and my mom dancing to Shize”, she said, referring to a song that was released in early 2011. He raises and lowers her sweater several times as she dances, exposing her breasts.

While Lady Gaga is often seen in various states of undress, Prince Harry seems to have followed her.

TMZ reported they acquired nude photos of Prince Harry after a game of strip billiards, where he appears to be completely nude, along with a woman.

Sources have confirmed that the photos of Prince Harry are authentic. They said he and a friend met some women at the bar and took their party to Prince Harry’s Las Vegas hotel suite.