Lady Gaga steals stage with controversial outfit

Added by on September 19, 2012

Lady Gaga wears a controversial outfit at the opening of a London fashion show / Photo credit: unknown

Lady Gaga shocked attendees at London Fashion Week when she showed up wearing an outfit that looked much like a burka, covered in racoon tails and carrying a handbag emblazoned with an expletive.

Lady Gaga wore a long, cream colored outfit with a headscarf and facemask – which some day resembles a burka. The addition of the handbag with the expletive on it adds to the controversy.

Sources close to the matter day the outfit is drawing anger from the Islamic community. Their anger, said the source, is directed at the word emblazoned on her purse.

“That comes across as a clear insult to Muslims and Islam,” said a representative of several Muslim groups, who asked not to be identified.

An analyst said the outfit appears to contravene Lady Gaga’s advocacy of compassion for all religions. The analyst added that Lady Gaga was upset at the recent release of the 14-minute trailer of an anti-Muslim movie that may have contributed to the killing of a U.S. Ambassador and three other staff last week in Benghazi, Libya.