Lady Gaga’s 30m Twitter followers set new record

Added by on October 5, 2012

The number of Lady Gaga’s Twitter followers crossed the 30 million mark on Friday – the 26 year old singer gets about 30,000 new followers every day.

Lady Gaga is credited with paving the way for other stars to engage with their audience through social media.

“But it is Twitter that has given her the incredible social popularity that she currently has,” said Twitter on its website.

Lady Gaga social media outlets include her own Little Monsters website where her fans can post photos, engage in discussions, and where Lady Gaga regularly interacts with her fans.

Twitter said Lady Gaga is also credited in the past with being the first member to have 10m and 20m followers, and now setting a new record with 30m followers.

Lady Gaga tops other stars, in terms of Twitter followers, like Justin Bieber with 28.5m, and Katy Perry with 27.2m followers.

Keeping up with her interaction with her followers, Lady Gaga posted a topless photo of herself with Donatella Versace. The photo, taken by photographer Terry Richardson, was in Gianni Versace apartment in Milan, Italy. Both Versace and Gaga wore black leather outfits and gave the Little Monster hand gesture.