Laurie Oakes Inducted Into Hall of Fame

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Respected political reporter Laurie Oakes has been inducted into the Logie Awards Hall of Fame.

Laurie Oakes Inducted Into Hall of Fame

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“It’s wonderful, I never expected it but it’s terrific,” the veteran reporter said as he walked the Logies red carpet in Melbourne.

“I mean I’m in television and this is the highest accolade you can get in that industry so I’m really chuffed.”

After joking about old shots of him with hair, Oakes borrowed from former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather’s comment that journalism is more addictive than crack cocaine.

“I’m an addict, I confess that,” he told the Logies audience.

“And here I am being honoured with membership of the Logies Hall of Fame for mainlining my drug of choice for 47 years and doing it for more than 30 years in full view of the television camera.”

Oakes said the Logies Hall of Fame was full of legends.

“And quite frankly I find it very hard to believe that I’m joining them.

“But whether I’m worthy or not I’m pleased that the information side of the television industry is again being recognised.”

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd were among those to send tribute messages to Oakes.

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