Leo DiCaprio to Play the Role of a Serial Killer

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Leonardo DiCaprio will start and produce an adaptation of “The Devil in the White City” novel. This bestseller written by Erik Larson has been for three years on the New York Times BS list. The novel was also translated into seventeen languages as it sold 2.3m copies worldwide.

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DiCaprio will be playing the role of H. H. Holmes, a serial killer passing as a doctor.

DiCaprio’s character devises the World’s Fair Hotel with a gas chamber and a crematorium.

Holmes uses the fairgrounds and his charisma to lure his victims and commits scores of murders during the fair.

The story presented in the book is a nonfiction one about the lives of 2 men back in 1893, at the Chicago World Fair.

Due to the period setting, “White City” came with budget issues for many who wanted to undertake it. Tom Cruise, together with Paula Wagner, and Kathryn Bigelow wanted to create an adaptation for the novel, direct or produce it.

The adaptation currently isn’t under the name of any studio, nor does it have financing, but all that is expected to change due to DiCaprio’s involvement.

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