Lindsay Lohan Back in Jail

Added by on September 27, 2010

After having failed a drug test last week, Lindsay Lohan has had her court hearing on Friday, September 24, which ended with the actress being held in custody.

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Image via Wikipedia reported that the judge Elden Fox did not allow Lohan to walk away on bail by revoking it and has decided to keep the star in custody until October 22, when her next official probation hearing would have been if it weren’t for last week’s incident.

Both of the actress’s parents, Dina and Michael, were seen in court by media reporters. Sources said that Michael answered to the press after the hearing stating that his ex-wife, Lindsay’s mother, was responsible for destroying his daughter. The statement came as a surprise knowing that Lohan’s father isn’t so close with her.

Lindsay’s mom was seen leaving court with a bag of clothes for her daughter, while the actress was on her way to the Lynwood jail where she’ll remain until later October.

This is Lindsay Lohan’s third time in jail and comes after last week’s incident, when she failed a drug test that was part of her probation. After denying failing the test, Lohan posted a message last Friday on Twitter and confessed that the press rumors were indeed true.

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