Madison Rose’s debut single a ‘Teenage Runaway’ success

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Madison Rose's debut single is a 'Teenage Runaway' success

Adding to the powerful good vibrations of Aftershock – Madison Rose‘s debut album – is the runaway success of the 17-year old rocker’s video for her debut single “Teenage Runaway.”

The poignant power ballad earned the young singer/songwriter a 2011 Hollywood Music In Media Award (HMMA) nomination for Best Pop Song. The HMMA show takes place on November 17 at The Highlands at the world-famous Kodak Theater Complex in Hollywood, Calif. and recognizes the music of visual mediums, the talented individuals responsible for it, and the music of both mainstream and independent artists from around the globe.

The compelling clip for “Teenage Runaway,” which was posted in mid-August, already has already racked up over 75,000 views on YouTube and counting — and has a whopping 1,200 “likes.”

“Teenage Runaway” has also aired on Trace TV (which has 20 million subscribers), California Music Channel (CMC), the long running TV POP show in California’s Bay Area, E Vision POOL (in their September and October rotations), RNR-TV in the Baltimore/Washington DC area (which has been on ten years) and More Music, Pop Edition.

The video for “Teenage Runaway” was directed by Meghan Underwood, whose credits include the NBC reality series “The Baby Borrowers.”

Continuing to build a multi-media buzz, Madison has been spotlighted in a wide variety of outlets, including Skope Magazine, Shakefire, Big Blend Radio, American Perspective Radio, Music Artiste, PopYoularity and ASCAP’s Playback Magazine.

The song was co-penned by Madison, her brother and musical partner “Justyn The Stuntman” and famed rock guitarist Gary Hoey — who also co-produced Aftershock with Madison.

With 16 solo albums and five Top 20 Billboard hits since the early ’90s, Hoey has made numerous lists as one of the 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time. Over the years, Hoey has toured and traded licks with the likes of Brian May (Queen), Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Joe Satriani, The Doobie Brothers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Bret Michaels, Rick Derringer and Deep Purple.

Madison’s multi-talented brother is dubbed “Justyn the Stuntman” for the many hats he dons (songwriter, bassist, guitarist, mentor) as he helps his younger sister hone in on her powerful sound.

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