Mel Gibson settles $750,000 custody suit with Grigorieva

Added by on September 2, 2011

Mel Gibson settled custody battle worth $750,000 with ex- girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva for custody of their 22 month old daughter and was granted joint custody of the child according to an LA court hearing on Wednesday.

Oscar award winner Mel Gibson will continue to provide financial support and provide housing for his and Grigorieva’s daughter. The proceedings took more than one year and were held in secret. The settlement marks the end of a bitter financial and custody dispute that damaged Mel Gibson’s Hollywood career.

According to the agreement, support given to the young daughter will be equal to the amount that Gibson pays for his other seven children. In addition Gibson will continue paying for the multi-million house that he purchased with the Russian musician Grigorieva and their daughter. The agreement states that when their daughter turns 18, the house will be sold and she will be given the proceeds. If the agreement is not breached, the final settlement will occur in 2016.

The hostility between the two came public about a year ago when their phones calls were on tape and leaked to, a celebrity new website; in which Gibson is heard insulting, ranting and swearing at Grigorieva.

The judge banned both Grigorieva and Gibson from speaking or writing about their relationship or any allegations of domestic abuse. As a result Grigorieva cannot pursue a civil case against Gibson.

Gibson did not speak much during the hearing – he mainly acknowledged understanding the terms of settlement.

“I would like to thank your honor for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion,” Gibson told Judge Peter Lichtman.

Gregorieva thanked the judge and said that she hopes Gibson returns to his career.

Gibson was sentenced 3 years probation after admitting to slapping Oksana Grigorieva in March.

Meanwhile Laura Wasser, representing Robyn Gibson’s wife, told a judge that they were in their final stages of divorce hearings and expected the process to be complete within few weeks. Gibson’s attorneys are working to finalize the divorce from his wife of 28 years.