Michael Jackson is ‘Breaking News’ on the Radio

Added by on November 12, 2010

At the beginning of this week, on November 8, “Breaking News”, a song that will be featured on his next album entitled “Michael” was release on MJ’s website. Soon after its release, “Breaking News” was airing on over 150 radio stations.

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On the website, on a preview of the song has been released which will stream for only one week. However, pre-orders for the album can already be sent in for those who want to get their hands on the first copies.

Epic Records, Michael’s record company, will be releasing the album “Michael”, which only comprises of original material, never heard before, on December 14. This will be the first album released after Michael Jackson’s death that will feature only original material.

The “Breaking News” sample was played on radio stations across the US 246 times, and estimations revealed that it might have reached 2.2 million radio listeners.

The audience’s reaction wasn’t too positive, as listeners said that the track sounded un-finalized. Nonetheless, Michael Jackson’s fans are still waiting to hear other songs from this upcoming album before they present a clear opinion about the new material.

Some people have stated that “Breaking News” isn’t as perfect as other songs Michael sang during his life as a performer.

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