Poonam Pandey to debut in Nasha

Added by on November 2, 2012

Poster for Poonam Pandey’s new film, Nasha, directed by Amit Saxena

Poonam Pandey announced on Friday the name of the new film in which she will play the leading role is called ‘Nasha’. The announcement comes day after Pandey, over the course of five days, revealed each letter of the film’s title on via Twitter.

Describing the film Pandy said, “It can be nasha of any sort. There are people who are high on life today. Some people need some nasha as a crutch to move along in life. The film however talks about the addictions of the youth, one of which is connected to the main storyline of the film. This is a film for the youth; it is a coming-of-age film. It is a film that every moviegoer will identify with.”

Director Amit Saxena speculates the film will become a cult classic.

“Nasha is a cult title. Till date no feature film with just the word Nasha has been made in the world,” commented Saxena.

Pandey and the film’s producer, Aditya Bhatia, say the film is for adults yet the film has already received the green light from censors at India’s Central Board of Film Certification, a branch of of the country’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting which is tasked, in part, with film pre-publication censorship.

Of the adult film, Bhatia said, “We are making a classy film…Poonam Pandey’s growing cult status is an important fact that we cannot overlook. Adult movies are doing well in the cinemas today and we are making movies for the big screen and Nasha will show the world that India can also make bold cinema that is still classy.”

Poonam Pandey appears in a photo posted on Twitter

The announcement of Nasha comes amid announcements earlier this week about India’s changing moral values. Earlier this week, Sherlyn Chopra announced her lead role in Kamasutra 3D to be released in 2013, and an announcement about Playboy opening a new Playboy club” in Goa later this year.

Poonam Pandey, 21, become known for her 2011 appearance in the Kingfisher Calendar – which is known in India with advancing the careers of many now famous Indian actresses. Pandey also appeared in 27 calendars in 2011. Pandey is active on Twitter at @iPoonamPandey. “Poonam” in Hindi means “full moon”, often referring to a quiet, intelligent person.

The Central Board of Film Certification regularly orders directors to remove anything it deems offensive, including sex, nudity, violence or subjects considered politically subversive.