Showtime’s Escort Plans for the New Year

Added by on January 20, 2011

The new entertainment president of Showtime, David Nevins, stated on Friday that the cable channel is planning to bring its public a new and inciting reality show about gigolos.

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The show would be about male escorts who work in Las Vegas, and Nevins also added that adult shows and sex would also be included in the show.

Nevins said that he wants “to have a broader plate”, while admitting that part of what the show will offer is sex.

“I embrace that is part of what we offer. We are a pay cable service, and I think it’s about doing things with some depth and sophistication and taking people places they couldn’t go on other networks,” David Nevins said.

Nevins also said that the reality show does not have a name yet, nor an air date.

Other plans of Showtime mentioned by Nevins were another reality series which would focus on the San Francisco Giants team of baseball. On the other hand, “Homeland”, which is currently being filmed with Claire Danes as star, will satisfy thriller fans.

Showtime has seen last weekend the biggest audience it has experienced in the last seven years, with 982,000 viewers who watched the family series “Shameless”. Another record was set by the season premiere of “Californication” with over 1 million viewers.

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