Spider Man Gets New Suit

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A new suit is said to be designed for the new look of the Ultimate Spider Man while it remains a mystery what will happen to Peter Parker, the awkward teenager who has been wearing the suit.

Spider Man Gets New Suit

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The news was released by Marvel Comics on Monday ahead of the publication of its Ultimate Comics imprint featuring a Death of Spider Man story.

While the red-and-blue Spidey suit is for sure going to be replaced with a black, sleek and streamlined outfit figuring a red spider on the chest and cobwebs on the shoulders and head, it is uncertain what will happen to the boy who was bitten by the radioactive spider.

“Let’s just say that Peter acts like the hero he is, and pays a price for it,” said Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso.

Alonso said, however, that someone will definitely continue slinging webs across Manhattan after the current story, written by Brian Michael Bendis with Mark Millar, wraps up in the Ultimate Spider-Man No. 160.

Although he did not reveal the identity of the new spider man, Alsonso told Associated Press “We’re confident that once readers get to know the person who wears the new Spider-Man, they are going to fall in love… This is a whole new voyage of self-discovery for the 21st century.”


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