Winehouse Shows Cancelled after Serbian “Disaster”

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British singer Amy Winehouse has announced she will cancel her upcoming concerts in Turkey and Greece, following a disastrous performance in Serbia that had the audience booing her off the stage when it appeared she was too drunk to perform.

Winehouse Shows Cancelled after Serbian “Disaster”

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A spokesman for the troubled singer said her shows at the Kucuk Ciftlik Park festival in Istanbul and the Ejekt festival in Athens, scheduled for later this week, will be cancelled due to her not being able to “perform to the best of her ability.”

Saturday’s show at Belgrade’s Fortress Festival, where Winehouse mumbled her way through most of her performance, has been called a “scandal” and a “disaster”.

Winehouse left the stage twice during the 90-minute set, with the 20,000 strong crowd booing and whistling while she tried to find a proper note. The band tried their best to calm the crowd, but many fans ended up leaving the show.

While Winehouse has apologised for pulling out of her upcoming shows, her spokesman said: “Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfil these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home.”

The multi-Grammy award winner has reportedly battled drug addiction and a drinking problem. According to the spokesman, Winehouse had just ended an alcohol rehabilitation programme two weeks ago in London, and local media reported that alcohol had been banned from the tour.

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