World’s only formation wingwalking team downunder

Added by on December 12, 2012

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition runs between February 26 and March 3 at Avalon Airport, near Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

Old world glamour and colourful showmanship will feature at next year’s Australian International Airshow with the appearance of the world’s only formation wingwalking team.

The Breitling Wingwalkers are the world’s only aerobatic formation display team to feature professional wingwalkers. The team was formed in the late 1980’s by team founder Vic Norman, who felt it was time to bring back the breathtaking spectacle.

This highly professional team have been entertaining Airshow crowds in Europe for decades, now two of the teams four aircrafts and their glamorous crew will make their first visit to Australia at next year’s Australian International Airshow at Avalon.

“Being given the chance to perform downunder is really exciting, “says team owner and founder, Vic Norman.

“In our 30 year history, we have so far performed in nearly every European country, the United Arab Emirates and often in China, but to finally make it to Australia and the Southern Hemisphere is a huge landmark for the team – a real first!”

Wingwalking was popular in the 1920’s when pilots were part of the ‘barnstorming’ tradition of entertaining people with stunts and flying around the countryside offering flights at county fairs.

The aerial ballerinas on the wings will perform a series of gymnastic movements that may look easy, but take considerable skill and effort.

While the pilots have radio communication with each other, the wingwalkers operate without a headset and have to rely on hand signals for communication.

“I think Houdini was the first man to fly in Australia, well we’re not going to perform a disappearing act for the Australian public, but we will certainly entertain them with our fun and daring display routine,” says team owner Vic Norman.

The Breitling Wingwalkers will be a key feature of what will be a highly entertaining and diverse line up of aircraft at the 2013 Australian International Airshow.

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is being held from February 26 to March 3 at Avalon Airport, near Geelong in Victoria.

The Aerospace & Defence Exposition is an exclusive trade only event while the Airshow opens to the public in the afternoon on Friday March 3.

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