YouTube Play Established from Guggenheim Museum Partnership

Added by on September 21, 2010

YouTube and Guggenheim museum are developing a significant influence of new media with their team work and partnership which will showcase a new type of art in the form of online videos.

The two have formed a platform to present and discover artists with the help of these videos. The new platform bears the name of YouTube Play and looks into the fascinating idea that online videos are actually emerging into art.

Reuters reported that 91 countries have submitted 23,000 videos to YouTube from which 125 were picked on Monday by YouTube and the Guggenheim museum.

YouTube and Guggenheim officials said that these 125 videos will be narrowed down again to reach a final group of 20 videos. The final videos will be selected by a professional jury of 11 and made public on October 21, 2010.

Their work will be presented at Guggenheim museum situated in New York City, as well as Guggenheim’s other locations from Berlin, Venice and Bilbao.

The organizations have stated that this team work will enable artists from all over the globe to communicate with the world not only through YouTube, but though other non-virtual locations as well. YouTube Play is a bold and revolutionary idea that seeks to look into how online videos are turning into art by taking small but constant steps.