Abbott Challenges Carbon Tax

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The tax on carbon proposed by government last week is being challenged by opposition leader Tony Abbott.

The plan, which was outlined by Prime Minister Julia Gillard last week, proposes a fixed price on carbon before implementing an emissions trading scheme (ETS).

Abbott Challenges Carbon Tax

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Abbott, however, said “… we will oppose it [the carbon tax] in opposition and will rescind it in government,” in line with what he is proposing to do with the mining tax.

He added that “If you want to be fair dinkum to the Australian people you must go to the Australian people and seek a mandate [for the carbon tax],” Abbott said.

Labour went to the election with a promise of no carbon tax, but has since agreed to consider one after forming government with the Greens and independents. “I’m for action – I’m for creating that clean energy future,” Gillard said about the initiative.

It has not been announced whether petrol would be included in such carbon price scheme and Greens climate change spokeswoman, Christine Milne, has accused Abbott for initiating a petrol price scare campaign.

A member of the ETS committee, independent Tony Windsor, told the media that Abbott last year claimed he would do “anything” to get into power during talks of forming a minority government, which according to Windsor, would include approving a committee to tackle climate change.

Abbott however, said there had been no mention of an ETS or a carbon price at these talks.

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