Australia’s Longest Bridge in New South Wales

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Australia’s longest bridge will soon be built in Kempsey, New South Wales’ mid north coast town.

Australia’s Longest Bridge in New South Wales

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According to recent statements, Abigroup will both build and design the above mentioned bridge which will have 3.2 km and will be part of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

According to David Borger, New South Wales’ Roads Minister, the initial overall length of the bridge was planned to be 2.2 km. However, he said, after the bridge’s plans were redesigned, an extension of 1 km was decided, which also made this soon-to-be built bridge the largest one in Australia.

Mr Borger stated on Thursday “The total length of the bridge was originally planned to be 2.2 kilometres, however the bridge was extended by one kilometre after redesign, making it the longest bridge in the country.”

It was made public that the new bridge will also be part of Kempsey’s bypass project of 14.5 km, and that it will cross the Macleay Rives. For an overall investment of $618mm the project will consist of four lanes, dual, which will bypass both Kempsey and Frederickton, two important connection points for the Pacific Highway upgrade.

“To say NSW will have Australia’s longest bridge is a great achievement. Not only will this be the longest bridge in Australia but the change to the design means the project will open to traffic one year earlier than expected, in 2013”, added Mr Borger.

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