Australian States Must Accept Pokie Reform, MP Wilkie Says

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State governments and pokie operation need to be open to tougher controls on gaming matches, which would help tackle with the gambling issue, stated independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Australian States Must Accept Pokie Reform, MP Wilkie Says

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During the Tuesday statement, the MP also said that the federal government is welcomed to give legal advice as it has the power to implement reforms in the gambling sector.

Talking in front of Adelaide reporters, Wilkie said that the Australian state government should be open to the proposed reforms, while clubs and pubs have the options to cooperate or not stand in the way of the reforms.

“My message to the states now is that the writing is on the wall, that the commonwealth government has the power to intervene and it’s clearly in the interests of the states that they now co-operate to bring about these very important reforms,” said the independent MP.

Wilkie further added that it is a clear fact that a great number of Australians are in favour of the reform which would tackle the gambling issue and would change the poker machine legislation. It’s been said that the federal government is expecting a national scheme to which all states agree by May 2011.

If the reform passes and is accepted by all states, then poker machines would have a USB system or a smart card which would memorize the fingerprints of all gamblers. Moreover, ATMs which are located near pokies would have daily withdrawal limits.

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