Fine Dining at Victoria Prison

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Inmates at a maximum security prison in Victoria are enjoying gourmet meals, according to a recent report by the Herald Sun.

The report, based on information accessed under the freedom of information law, shows prisoners at the Barwon Prison enjoying sushi, steak, and prawns, as well as fresh fruits, pastries, cheese, roast turkey and smoked salmon.

Fine dining at Victoria Prison

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Other delicacies are also available for purchase at the prison shop.

The prison, housing for example murderers Peter Dupas and Christopher Wayne Hudson, spent more than $623,000 on food during the period October 2009 – July 2010.

This translates into $218 per inmate per month.

A Corrections Victoria spokesperson said the food budget for inmates is less than $7 per day: “For this money, prisons are able to provide a small number of meal options as required to meet prisoners’ individual dietary and religious requirements and to reduce waste,” the spokesperson said.

He added that duck that was part of last year’s menu was purchased for a hospitality course for the inmates, but could not explain other gourmet ingredients on the menu.

When hearing of the prison feeding scheme, George Halvagis, father of Mersina Halvagis, one of Dupas’ victims, said he felt “sick”. “They are definitely eating better than me because I can’t afford to eat these things,” he told the Herald Sun.

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