Flood Levy Non-negotiable, Gillard Says

Added by on January 30, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that she will not negotiate with independents with regard to passing the flood levy through parliament. The prime minister’s announcement of the one-off levy came out last Thursday, but Gillard still has yet to convince either the independents or the coalition to support it.

Gillard’s proposal is to apply a one-off levy amounting 0.5 percent to taxable income between 50,001 and $100,000 recorded this year and in 2012, while a 1 percent levy for taxable income which is higher than $100,000. Exceptions are low paid and victims of the flooding.

Gillard stated that she did not have time to negotiate with the independents since the people of Queensland need to be helped right away.

Thus, the flood levy legislation was laid in the hands of the independents, amongst which there are parliament members who have previously requested a fund available for aiding after natural disasters.

“We’ve got a package that we believe is the right package. We want to get it through parliament … as quickly as possible so the commissioner of tax and businesses can all make their arrangements for the forthcoming tax year.

I’ll certainly be talking to parliamentarians, including the independents. But our message to them is that this is the right package. Let’s get on with the job,” stated Prime Minister Gillard.

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