Random stun gun attacks in Sydney

Added by on September 15, 2011

Two teenagers were arrested on Friday after a number of random attacks and robberies earlier this week in places like Chippendale and Ashfield, suburbs of Sydney.

The victims of the attacks include two taxi drivers, a store employee and customer, and a teenage woman. All victims are reported to be in shock but have not sustained any life-threatening injuries.

Police are investigating three other incidents that may be related to the attacks.

Police remain on high alert since four or five others attackers are suspected to remain on the loose. Assistant Commissioner Luke Freudenstein said he believes that there may by six or seven offenders.

Each of the attacks involved two and four attackers, both men and women, all of which appeared to know one-another.

Freudenstein added, “We do have some pretty good leads…we are very much encouraged by the arrests of these two people.”

Freudenstein warned that stun guns are very dangerous and can be lethal. He added that police stun guns are precisely calibrated and used under controlled conditions by trained personnel.