Senate Considers Selling South Australian Forest Harvests

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The senate will consider if South Australia could sell future timber from its state owned forests from the south-eastern region.

Senate Considers Selling South Australian Forest Harvests

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According to Nick Xenophon, an independent Senator, the initial decision of selling 2 out of 3 cycles of timber was initially taken into consideration for the 2008-2009 budgets.

However, the Sustainable Budget Commission reaffirmed the decision last it, after it review the spending measures which had been taken. Senator Xenophon said that the decision of selling timber harvests that go as much as one hundred years back is not an easy one to make because of the effects it could have on the south-east region.

Independent Senator Xenophon stated on Thursday that the decision could seriously affect the region since it would cause job losses. He further added that the south-east communities rely very much on timber.

“Hasn’t Premier Rann considered that there is a strong likelihood of regional job losses as a result of this decision and how it is going to significantly affect communities in timber-reliant regions,” said Xenophon.

Public hearings and submissions will be held by the Senate’s Rural and Affairs References Committee. The committee will have to present a complete report with regard to the matter by mid April.

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