South Australian Government Faces Imminent Change As Ministers Quit

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South Australia’s Premier Mike Raan will have to replace ministers who have decided to either quit the cabinet or renounce part of their portfolio. The current cabinet is in need for an industrial relations minister, a deputy premier, a police minister and a state treasurer.

South Australian Government Faces Imminent Change As Ministers Quit

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The most significant change in Rann cabinet will be that of replacing the former treasurer and deputy premier Kevin Foley, who stood alongside the premier.

Mike Rann said on Sunday that the cabinet will benefit from fresh new blood before the 2014 elections. The South Australian premier further added that “Politics is about stability and continuity, change and renewal”.

Premier Rann hopes that the faces which will replace the former ministers will not only represent new blood in the cabinet, but will also come with great experience which will help to ensure a good government.

Kevin Foley’s announcement with regard to giving up two important positions from his portfolio was made on Sunday, during which the former deputy premier said that he made this decision after reflecting upon the matter, while underlining the fact that he hadn’t been pushed to step down.

Premier Mike Rann, on the other hand, said that he wants to thank the former treasurer and deputy premier for the time he served South Australians. Mr Rann further added that he is pleased with the fact that Foley will still keep part of his portfolio.

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