West Australian Bushfire Victims to Be Assisted by Fed Government

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The federal government will help bushfire victims from the Perth Hills, as West Australia’s government has already declared several cities as natural disaster zones, such as Canning, Armadale, Serpentine Jarrahdale, Swan and the Shires of Chittering.

West Australian Bushfire Victims to Be Assisted by Fed Government

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After being categorized as natural disaster zones, Robert McClelland, the Federal Attorney-General, said that communities there could benefit from NDRRAs. NDRRA offers, besides from food, clothing and daily necessities, accommodation and living expenses for a temporary time period, while aiding with replacing household furniture and home repairs.

The federal government would also assist communities from the natural disaster zones to rebuild and repair infrastructure, important public assets, while supporting small businesses which were affected by fires with interest rate subsidies.

The Federal Attorney-General said that the crisis caused by bushfire will continue and threaten houses in the affected areas, while mentioning that dozens of houses from Roleystone and Kelmscott have already been affected by fire.

McClelland sympathized with those who were forced to evacuate affected areas and leave their homes to the raging fires and with those who have already seen their houses burnt to the ground.

The General-Attorney also said that 2 heavy-lift Ericsson helicopters from Victoria will be assisting West Australian authorities, and that the Commonwealth government is ready to provide further support.

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