Botox Approved by FDA as Chronic Migraine Treatment

Added by on October 17, 2010

Anti-wrinkle injection Botox, a product from Allergan Inc was approved on Friday by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA as a chronic migraines’ treatment.

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According to a statement given by the FDA, Botox would be injected around the patient’s neck and head to reduce future chances of migraine occurrence. This treatment would be given to adult patients for 12 weeks until changes in their health are noted.

The FDA also said that those who suffer from migraines usually get headaches almost each day of the month. Botox has not proven to be effective on people suffering from headaches for 14 days or less.

Botox was first allowed to treat migraines in the United Kingdom in this year’s month of July.

The drug has since then been used to treat these recurring headaches with more people from the UK getting prescriptions. Botox’s approval as a migraine treatment comes after the manufacturer settled a federal survey with $600 million.

This was after there was a probe into Allergan Inc’s practices in marketing its product.

The approval brought a 7 per cent rise in the company’s shares as people rushed to make after-hours trading.

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