Guava Makes Us Beautiful

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Guava is a revolutionary fruit for multiple health and beauty benefits, according to men’s health magazine.

Although most people probably consider an orange the best source of Vitamin C, it turns out that the guava beats the orange by far in this category.

Green apple guavas are less rich in antioxidants

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One of the health benefits of the guava is its ability to promote healthy skin. Vitamin C is essential in the synthesis of collagen; which is an important structural protein in the skin.

The guava is also a strong anti-oxidant and can thus help in fighting skin damage.  Ian Marber, a nutritional consultant at the Food Doctor Clinic, explains that the guava is rich in polyphenols – a type of antioxidant also found in green tea and red wine.

“Polyphenols protect your cells from oxidative damage and maintain cell integrity,” Marber said. As such, it is possible for guava to reduce signs of skin ageing by “reducing the formation of wrinkles and promoting plump, healthy-looking skin,” he added.

In addition, thanks to its high amounts of dietary fibre, guava can help to eliminate toxins, which will also contribute to clear skin.

Last but not least, guava can also assist in weight-loss, since fibre helps us feel fuller for longer and helps maintain a stable blood-sugar level.

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