New Research Study Discovers that Milk could Aid in Weight Loss

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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has just published a new study which suggests that milk could aid in weight loss.

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The study was performed during a period of two years in which milk drinkers presented a weight-loss advantage in front of individuals that did not drink milk. Researchers in Israel concluded that adults who drank almost two glasses of milk per day lost more weight after two years of drinking than those that had less or no milk-related products in their diet.

On the average, subjects that drank two glasses milk lost nearly 12 pounds, while those that drank another 6 ounces per day had lost 10 pounds on the average, at six months.

The study was performed on over 300 overweight men and women aged between 40 and 65. Individuals who participated in the studied followed low-carb, Mediterranean or low-fat diets for a period of 2 years. Researchers found that the quantity of calcium was the one to influence weight loss results, regardless of the diet they were following.

Researchers suggest drinking three glasses of fat-free or low-fat milk every day, eating right and getting active in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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