Australian Government Hails at Whale Hunt End

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The Australian government has praised Japan for ending the seasonal whale hunt in the Antarctic Ocean earlier, while adding that it hopes the hunting to be stopped for good.

Australian Government Hails at Whale Hunt End

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The confirmation for the early end of this season’s whale hunt came from Japan’s government today, saying that environmentalists on the high seas have been harassing the fleet.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society from the United States has sent its activists to follow Japanese harpoon ships and stop them from killing whales. According to Michihiko Kano, the Japanese Fisheries Minister, the whale hunt ended early in order to ensure the safety of the whaling crew.

As a response to Japan’s decision, Australian Tony Burke, the Evironment Minister, said that he was glad that the whale hunting season was cut short and expressed his hope to never see another in the future.

At the other end, the spokesman of the opposition’s environment, Greg Hunt, said that although the decision of the Japanese government is a good start, it’s only a temporary one that will not end the execution of whales.  The spokesman for the opposition urged to Australian government to continue the legal action that it started against Japan back in 2010, at the International Court of Justice.

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