PM Gillard to Meet with President Obama

Added by on February 21, 2011

The Australian Prime Minister will meet with Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, in early March.  The details of the meeting have been pinned, and it has been reported that Ms Gillard has planned to spend 5 days in the U.S starting March 6.

Prime Minister Gillard will be visiting both New York and Washington, following her arrival on March 6.

The PM is expected tofly back from New York City on March 11. According to reports, Ms Gillard will attend meetings at which senior officials from the Obama administration and with the U.S. President himself will be present. It’s been said that the Treasury Secretary of the United States, Timothy Geithner, would also attend the aforementioned meetings.

According to a parliamentary hearing, the Australian Prime Minister will meet with representatives of the United Nations during her visit to New York. The meeting is meant to support the progress of bilateral relationships between Australia and the United States, its major ally, as indicated by Duncan Lewis, the Cabinet official, and the Department of Prime Minister.

Mr Lewis also said  at a Senate estimated hearing, which took place today, that the meetings that the Australian Prime Minister will attend next month aim to “progress out multinational agenda”.

At the Senate hearing, it was said that President Obama invited Ms Gillard to the US in November 2010, at the international economic forum which was held in Japan. The invitation was made after the U.S. President canceled visits to Australia.