24option announces new forex trading online service

Added by on January 16, 2013

24option is pleased to announce a new forex trading online service focused on binary trading.

“Our new binary options trading platform allows you to currencies plus commodities, stocks, and indices. Binary trading is the most profitable way to trade – it’s forex trading made easy. Forex trading using binary options trading is fast – trades often complete in minutes – plus you’ll know how much profit you could make before you place the trade,” explained a company spokesperson.

According to 24options, they offer four types of options that include high/low. one touch, boundary and 60 seconds. Each option is based on it’s price and the direction the option’s price could move – the high/low option is based on whether an option’s price will move higher or lower; the One Touch option completes a binary trade once the option’s price reaches the target price at any time; the Boundary trade allows traders to specify an option’s price range, while the 60 second binary trading option is like the high/low trade, except that it completes within 60 seconds.

“We offer up-to the minute financial news about each option that you can trade – just click the info button at the top right corner of any option to view the latest. We also include the ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’ prices to provide traders with the information they need to make a trading decision.

“Our assets include Forex along with stocks like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Google plus commodities like gold, silver and oil.

We provide our clients with educational resources like a series of videos that cover topics like introduction to binary options, market analysis, and financial management. We also offer a free e
Course, a trading ebook, and expiry calculations to help traders time their trades” added the spokesperson.

Find out more about forex trading online by visiting 24option.com