68% of students find it unfair schools block online games: survey

Added by on April 22, 2012

Lexington, Kentucky – An informal study conducted by 17-year-old high school senior Tyler Cruz, conducted over the first semester of school, found that 68% of his classmates were frustrated by school administrators blocking access to popular gaming and social networking websites.

“Today’s high school students are ready to take a stand against schools blocking their favorite websites, according to the operator of the Games Blocked At School organization’s official website, GamesBlockedAtSchool.org“, said Cruz.

“I know what you’re thinking,” says Mr. Cruz, “but I’m not talking about slackers who won’t graduate. Most of my classmates are Honors students and always have their work done. We deserve some creative freedom.”

According to Cruz, in recent years budget cuts at schools have forced them to cancel many elective classes which were popular amongst students who had completed their required curriculum. Cruz says some students can apply for vocational technology programs on school time, while others are left with study halls in place of the electives.

Mr. Cruz feels that these students should be allowed the freedom to engage in online games to work their brains when other options aren’t available.

“As it stands now, we know of a few ways to get past filters and play the blocked games. So you could say we are breaking the rules. The school officials consider us rebels, but really, we’re just bored, and we would rather work out a solution.”

According to Cruz methods of bypassing school filters include proxy websites, disguised game sites, and private blogs and chat groups.

Tyler Cruz is the founder and editor of GamesBlockedAtSchool.Org, a free blog educating his fellow students on how to play games that are blocked on school computers, as well as helping them convince school officials to allow educational games.


Tyler Cruz