Aminophylline cream effective against cellulite

Added by on March 6, 2012

Procellix is an Aminophylline cream that is effective against cellulite because it attacks the fat under your skin instead of attacking the skin itself. Many users report results in as little as one week.

“While creams containing caffeine from coffee beans have been proven to be good for treating cellulite, Aminophylline combined with caffeine from coffee beans is the best cellulite treatment because Aminophylline is highly diuretic which is a strong force when you want to remove cellulite,” said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson explained with Aminophylline ‘s diuretic capabilities it is able to penetrate into the skin and dehydrate fat cells so they lose fluid and decrease in size. Later on, the numbers of fat cells decrease making Procellix the best cellulite cream on today’s market.

“The Aminophylline combined with Caffeine option will help you to reduce your occurrence of cellulite, but you have to do this treatment over a certain period of time in order to get the everlasting results. Normally you would be able to see some good results all ready after one weeks use,” said the spokesperson.

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