Archer Forex Signals announces 50% price break for new clients

Added by on March 26, 2012

The premiere provider of Forex trading signals, Archer Forex Signals today announces a 50 per cent price break off all of its signals including its flagship product, the Statistical Arbitrage Swing System. This promotion is good for all new members starting March 24th.

In an effort to promote its services and to reach a wider global audience, Archer Forex Signals is offering this discount for the first month’s service to all new clients. After the first 30 days, the billing will return to it’s normal pricing.

In the words of the CEO and head trader, “Archer Forex Signals aims to enable it’s clients to get it’s Forex signals for a discounted rate for the first month, profit from the signals and pay for the upcoming months with profits realized from utilizing our signals. “

One of the things that sets Archer Forex Signals’ trading signals apart from the competition is the simple fact that it provides profitable Forex signals. On top of this if they ever fail to deliver a month in the green, they’ll give you the next month absolutely free of charge. In addition, they always aspire to return any email, regarding any questions within 24 hours on trading days.

“We want our clients to be profitable and if for some reason they’re not, we’ll make sure they don’t have to pay for the privilege until they are. We think that by offering our services at a discounted rate until our clients make some pips, that we can help a wider range of clients who may not have come onboard before. We’re certainly not the cheapest Forex signal service out there, but we are definitely the best.”

About Archer Signals

Archer Forex Signals is part of The Archer Group family of companies founded by McLean Van Cleve which include, Archer Managed Forex, Archer Trading Systems and now Archer Forex Signals. A long time forex trader and fund manager, Mr. Van Cleve is now offering signals from some of his systems for those who can’t, for regulatory reasons, have a managed account with Archer Managed Forex or simply want to take control of their trading with a lower net cost solution.
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