Asian Fashion City announces redesign of website, new line of circle lenses

Added by on December 28, 2012

Asian Fashion City, specializing in Korean, Japanese and Asian beauty, cosmetics and fashion products is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website and new line of circle lenses, also known as colored contact lenses.

“Our redesigned website is based on feedback from new and past clients – it’s more appealing and is easier to navigate. The color scheme is very popular among our clients too,” said an Asian Fashion City spokesperson.

The spokesperson added, “Our new line of the popular circle lenses, also known as colored contact lenses, is available in 21 colors including purple violet, black, grey and others. We also offer a range of Super XL lenses – with a larger diameter and a more prominent colored area, in a range of colors too.”

According to Asian Fashion City, the new line is in addition to their tri-color circle lenses, which feature three tone graduation of color in the iris.

“The beauty of circle lenses is in the large iris – our clients say it makes their eyes more attractive and much more noticeable,” commented the spokesperson.

Circle lenses are designed to make the iris, colored part of the eye, appear to be larger, which is widely considered to be aesthetically pleasing. Circle lenses can be worn like regular contact lenses and expire one year after first using them; the lenses have an unopened shelf-life of approximately three years.

Asian Fashion City, in business since 2008, says it ships circle lenses worldwide and offers support daily from 16:00 to 02:00 Australian time.

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