Atlanta Dating website offers growing collection of Atlanta dating ideas

Added by on November 25, 2011


Atlanta Dating Ideas

Atlanta Dating Ideas announces expansion of its content to help visitors discover fun, romantic, and unique dating hotspots, in and around Atlanta, GA, USA.

A spokesperson for the website said, “The site is a constantly growing collection of dating ideas presented in a multimedia rich environment. Each dating idea offers a “Nearby Stuff” section.that includes links and information on other hot spots located just nearby, so for example, if the visitor sees a dating idea they are interested in such as a nice little known walking trail, they will see in addition excellent nearby romantic dining options too”.

According to a visitor to the site, the combination of the Atlanta Dating Ideas along with the “Nearby Stuff” section allows visitors to plan a perfect date.

The spokesperson continued, “In addition to the growing collection of dating ideas in and around Atlanta, there is also an entire section dedicated to getaways most of which are located within just a few hours outside of Atlanta, Georgia. These dating ideas are perfect for those adventurous little one-day road trips and weekend romantic getaways.”

The website’s owner explained the getaways section offers information on mostly economical nearby lodging, and unique restaurants in the area where the getaway is located.

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