Author Dr. Milton Mattox is pleased to announce the official launch of the book trailer for his new book

Added by on March 30, 2012

Readers who recently purchased books online, are likely familiar with book trailers. Book trailers are designed to introduce readers to new books and authors. Similar to movie trailers, book trailers are short videos, typically about one minute long, that visually depict what the book is about. Book trailers are becoming a popular way for authors to entice potential readers to read their books without giving away too much detail about the book’s plot. This is especially the case for fictional books where the stories have a protagonist, antagonist and other supporting characters.

Dr. Milton Mattox recently released book trailer for his non-fictional book, “RAIDers of a Lost Art ? Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence,” is now available. The trailer can be seen on many video sites and is being used to provide an overview of the subject matter for the book. Among other locations, Mattox’s new book trailer can be viewed on YouTube at:

When asked about his new book trailer, Dr. Mattox replied, “Unlike fictional books, it was challenging to put together a storyboard for a non-fictional book where there are no central characters. Therefore, the RAID process itself, as described in my new book, is the focus of the book trailer. RAID is an acronym taken from the first letter of each of the four phases that make up the process methodology discussed in the book. The acronym stands for Receive, Analyze, Implement and Deliver. The book trailer is a teaser that highlights these phases.”

A convenient link to the book trailer and an overview of the book “RAIDers of a Lost Art ? Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence” can be found on the author’s website at:

About The Author

Dr. Milton Mattox is an author, senior level business executive and technologist who has worked with some of America’s most acclaimed companies. He is an expert in software engineering, information technology, and quality process management with years of experience leading highly technical teams worldwide.